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Museo Maritimo Ex-Presidio, Ushuaia  

"Scotia sailed Love Willie"

Perito Moreno - William Bruce two patriots - one world

Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902 - 1904
the Bariloche Documents




Carlos Vairo and David Munro


Maria Victoria Canullo, and David Munro


Demonstrating Magnetism
Magnetic Coin Display

To: Professor Dr Andrés Stoppani, the Founding President of CAPat and late President of the Sociedad Científica Argentina; to Dr. Ignacio Reisig and Dr. Carola Sutton; and to Germán Sopeña and José Fonrouge, all of whom would have looked forward to taking part in this event.

Dates: 22 January - 14 February 2004

Principal Sponsor: Techint

Editors: Maria Victoria Canullo and Robin Willson

Co-Editors: Cecelia Girente, David Munro, Geoff Swinney, Carlos Vairo

Co-EditorPresentation: Diana Martinez

SPECIAL GUESTS: the family of Gustavo Giro the first Argentinian to reach the South Pole, The British Ambassador, Sir Robin Christopher and Lady Merryl Christopher, the grand daughters of Thomas Robertson (Captain of the Scotia), Dr. David Munro, (Director of the Scottish Royal Geographical Society).

OPENING SPEAKERS: Maria Victoria Canullo (CAPat), Carlos Vairo, David Munro (Director of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Ciencias y Artes Patagonia is grateful to:

Techint, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the Magic Penny Trust for providing the vital financial support;

the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (Dr David Munro), the National Museums of Scotland (Geoff Swinney), the Museo of Patagonia Bariloche (Lic Cecilia Girgenti) and Bernardo Milhas of Buenos Aires, for their invaluable help in providing photographic material and access to documents and with whom it was a pleasure to collaborate.

the Museo Marítimo de Ushuaia, its Director Carlos Vairo and staff, for their generous welcome and efficient assistance;

the staff of CENPAT, Puerto Madryn, and High Image Express Buenos Aires for their advice and expertise and for digitally printing most of the photographs;

Danile Hirsch, and the Explorers Club Argentine Chapter;

the Dirección Nacional del Antártico, Instituto Antártico Argentino, Armada Argentina, the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional,

and Salvador Alaimo, Héctor Fasano, Héctor Ferioli, Fred Goldberg, Guillermo Hang, José Martini, Tam Muro, Cap. Quevedo, Cristina San Martín, Norman Seider and all those others who provided invaluable advice and encouragement.

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