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Imagineering Fair 2002 Exhibition

Coins, Cans and Creativity
from the Land of the Giants

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Imagineering Exhibition

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Levitation and
Mayor of Madryn
Giant Triangle and
Can Transfer Records
Tower of Paso Record
Golden Hexagon
of Patagonia
Silver Hexagon and
Magic Square 2000
Giant Rose
Giant's Silver Can Way
Dinosaur Math at the Mef
"Imagineering" Exhibition

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students, families

Can-Coin, Coin-Can
Math Frames
CoinMath Strips / Mats
Coin Darts
Game "Patagonia-Go"
MaradonaMath: Football
Extra-Strong Magnets
Penny History

2002 August 24-26 Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England
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Greetings to Imagineering:
Welsh monument P. Madryn

Indio monument P. Madryn

Giant honeycombs and walls

Golden Hexagon Hands-on

The Imagineering Fair is held in Great Britain each year. It is aim is to introduce children to the fascinating world of engineering and manufacturing through fun, and hands-on activities designed by manufacturers.

At the Fair children are able to touch and explore exactly how things are designed, how they are made and how they work: they enjoy themselves at the same time.

Last year the fair had nearly 40,000 visitors. This year BMW, Jaguar, Caterpillar and TRW Lucas are amongst the companies actively participating.

Because the aims and activities of Magic Penny Patagonia are so much in accord with those of the Imagineering Fair, the organizers have said how very pleased they would be if Magic Penny Patagonia could participate too.

The size form of the Magic Penny Patagonia stand depends on the resources and assistance that can be gathered together.

On 2002 July 28, (the 137th anniversary of the Welsh landing in Patagonia), parents , teachers and friends met and took photographs to illustrate some of the activities of Magic Penny Patagonia that might be used in the exhibition. Next: scale and our great and small wonders of natural engineering, whales, dinosaurs, and flowers and other small and beautiful things.      

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