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August 2003
"Close encounter with Mars" great interest in the Patagonia sky and a highly successful registration for the "Beautiful Puerto Madryn" competition.

July 2003
"Beautiful Puerto Madryn" Launch of Aesthetic Pollution Competition for school children

"Chalet Pujol, Welsh Monument and Aesthetic Pollution " Concern expressed to the Intendente of Puerto Madryn concerning the state of the Chalet Pujol, the Welsh monument, reports of more high rise deveopment adjacent to the coast, and the increasing number of hoardings on route 3.

June 2003
"To theSouth and Beyond" Agreement to support the holding of an exhibition of the works of the New York photographer Norman Seider.

May 2003
Schools geoshadow project: launch at Provincial School 168 Puerto Madryn

January 2003
Chalet Pujol: Documents fowarded to Province of Chubut regarding CAPat support for the restoration of the Chalet Pujol


December 2002
"Perito Moreno Exhibition" Final expenses received from the Argentine Secretatiat of Tourism.

"Mathematical Creativity with drinks cans" exhibition of pupils work directed by Judith Murugarren at the Escuela Mutualista Puerto Madryn

November 2002
"Chalet Pujol Urgent need for Restoration " Proposal made to the Province of Chubut to assist with the restoration and redevelopment of the Chalet empasising its fine design qualities unique in Patagonia

October 2002
Chalet Pujol Puerto Madryn: "the Mathemetical and Design Jewel of Patagonia" and the Leonardo in Patagonia project on town geometry Cooperation with the staff of the Museo highlighting the special qualities of the building unique in Patagona

August 2002
"Coins, Cans and Creativity from the Land of the Giants"
Magic Penny Patagonia Exhibition at the Imagineering Fair 2002, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England .

"Patagonia Railways and the Silver Can Way"
Photosession at the Old Railway Station Puerto Madryn

July 2002
"Coins Cans and Creativity from the Land of the Giants"
Photosession at the Monument to the Indigenous Indian at the site of the Welsh landing Puerto Madryn.

May 2002
"Sloop Swift: Two Centuries Beneath the Sea"
Exhibition at the Centro Cultural Borges Buenos Aires, partly sponsored by the Magic Penny Trust and with the support of CAPat

Perito Moreno Exhibition Esquel Chubut Argentina: speakers - Roberto Muller, Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli

April 2002
Magic Pennies on the Trochita, the Old Patagonian Express: journey organized by Subsecretary of Culture of Chubut, Elsa Estruco, Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli.

Perito Moreno Exhibition Trevelin, Chubut, Argentina, attended by the Mayor - Carlos Mantegna, the British Ambassador - Sir Robin Christopher, Patrick Holdich and Carlos Benites Moreno: speakers - Jorge Fiori, Sergio Sepiurka, Robin Willson and Faustino Fernandez Sasso.


December 2001
Mathematical Xmas Tree constructed by pupils of Escuela Mutualista Puerto Madryn Patagonia installed in bus terminal.

Magnetic Euro Coins in Education

November 2001
Meeting with Secretariat of Turismo in Buenos Aires regarding proposed exhibition "Andes of Patagonia - 100 years of Beauty and Peace."

October 2001
Fundacion de Apoyoa las Actividades Universitarias: Formal Agreement of Incorporation of CAPat and Magic Penny Patagonia into the foundation associated with the University of Patagonia.

Germán Sopeña 1946-2001
(La Nación)

Travel Agency "Turismo Puma" of Puerto Madryn sponsors attendance at the Inauguration of the Germán Sopeña Foundation in Buenos Aires.

PatagoniaMath Cerro Condor: New World Records

Perito Moreno Exhibition, San Martin de los Andes (Neuquén), Mendoza (Mendoza) , Tucumán (Tucumán), Argentina

October 2001
Perito Moreno Exhibition Commemorative Tour Rosario (Santa Fe), Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), Bariloche (Río Negro) , Argentina

Perito Moreno Exhibition Trelew Chubut Argentina and dedication of the Amphitheatre of the Museo de Egidio Feruglio to German Sopena

Aluminium Drink Can Math Frames donated to Patagonian Schools

May 2001
Commemorative Mass for Germán Sopeña Buenos Aires

Perito Moreno Exhibition, London: final lectures .by Alfredo Lichter of the Eco Centro and Ruben Cuneo of the Museo de Egidio Feruglio Patagonia: introduced by HE the Argentine Ambassador Vicente Berasategui and María Victoria Canullo

April 2001

Germán Sopeña and José Luis Fonrouge die in an air accident

Perito Moreno Exhibition, London Opening with talks by Germán Sopeña and José Luis Fonrouge introduced by Robin Willson and Mark Rose.


December 2000
Presentation of Childrens Giant Rose of Patagonia produced at Provincial School 168 Puerto Madryn as part of the Leonardo in Patagonia project.

October 2000
Perito Moreno Exhibition, Edinburgh, Scotland Courtesy Scottish Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

July 2000
Leonardo in Patagonia Childrens Workshop, Wales Whales Magnets and Money Municipal Science Club Puerto Madryn

10,000 one penny coins dated 2000 transported to Patagonia by HSBC and Dinar Airlines

June 2000
Leonardo in Patagonia Project: first schools workshop Provincial School 168 Puerto Madryn.

Leonardo in Patagonia Projectschools project encouraging interest in mathematics , nature and the community in harmony launched.


November 1999
Perito Moreno Exhibition enlarged with inclusion of contemporary photograhs of German Sopena and additional introductions by Felix Luna and Mariano Grondona

June 1999
Perito Moreno Exhibition opening Centro Cultural Borges Buenos Aires

In praise of Moreno Article in La Plata Museum Journal by Patagonian anthropologist

May 1999
La Nacion agree to collaborate with CAPat the News Editor German Sopena joins the exhibition group.


July 1998
Adverse criticisms of Moreno received from Patagonia but exhibition group considers them unjustified and agree to continue with the exhibition. Mar'ia Victoria Canullo and Dolores Elkin agree to act as Coordinators.

June 1998
Inaugural Meeting Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires


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