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Magnetic Circle Packing
Patagonia-14 (after Veit Ersel)

ERROR ALLOWED +/- Click stack of blue discs and each will jump to correct position on magnet (black block).
To confirm array is approx.circular, click ring.
How good is your memory?
Look at the positions of the discs then click
here. Change number in ERROR box (above) from 1000 to 100. Click down on disc stack. Drag each disc towards remembered position. Release!
If disc is sufficiently close to correct position it will jump to it and stay. If not, disc will return.
How quick and accurate are you ?
Click here. Reduce ERROR to 10 and repeat.
Then try with ERROR at 2 then 0. Enjoy!
Like to do this with real discs (coins or washers) and real magnets? Yes?
More information below

t_01_ X Y s_01_ X Y
t_02_ X Y s_02_ X Y
t_03_ X Y s_03_ X Y
t_04_ X Y s_04_ X Y
t_05_ X Y s_05_ X Y
t_06_ X Y s_06_ X Y
t_07_ X Y s_07_ X Y
t_08_ X Y s_08_ X Y
t_09_ X Y s_09_ X Y
t_10_ X Y s_10_ X Y
t_11_ X Y s_11_ X Y
t_12_ X Y s_12_ X Y
t_13_ X Y s_13_ X Y
t_14_ X Y s_14_ X Y
t_15_ X Y s_15_ X Y